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Conscious Movement  
"Water that keeps on flowing 
          never decays"

Evolution the Art of Conscious Movement 

Oriental philosophy maintains that conscious movement is fundamental to life. Movement that is conducive to the creation of life does not occur randomly, since it follows a logic, a path, a certain order that we can easily observe, for example, in the passing of the seasons or the earth revolving around its own axis. 


Historically, human beings have made one of two choices: they have bonded, and accepted the laws and rhythms presented by nature and evolved, or they have rejected them, fought against them, and devolved. We can nevertheless be certain that those who rejected nature went on to create artificial realities which, in turn, have caused immense suffering in the world. 


Conscious movement practices have been developed over many centuries and by different cultures to guide people back to the path of nature, to the path of their own true self where there is no suffering but the ease, love and wonder of life. Today there are thousands of methods, probably millions, in the world. The question is no longer which is better or more truthful, but how we can unite to counter global madness and the propagation of suffering. 


Conscious movement practices give you the key to healing yourself, rather than through a doctor, a plant, a master or a guru. This healing method is the highest and most effective of all therapeutic methods. Discipline and commitment are needed in order to succeed in these practices, yet the payoff is a life infused with inner peace and joy. 

The Dao of Dance 
Sitting Meditation 

Qi Gong  


Yoga - Union

"Evolution is no longer seen as a competitive struggle for existence, but rather as a cooperative dance in which creativity and the constant emergence of novelty are the driving forces." 


Fritjof Capra. 21 Century AD

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