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Dietary therapy is transforming food selection, preparation, and eating into a healing art.  East Asian nutritional guidelines have recognized since ancient times that food is an important healing force.


We are not what we eat but rather what we absorb. Our diet has a direct effect on how we feel. The good news is that we are in control of our diets, and there are simple, affordable steps we can take to improve our health through the food we eat. We believe that health begins within and radiates outward. By making conscious food choices and providing your body with the fuel it needs, you will be well on your path to optimal health.


A conscientious diet is a powerful way to prevent illness. Looking at personal diagnoses and the individual properties of food, the conclusion can be reached that a universal diet does not exist. Balance indeed is unique for each person. To find that balance, it is helpful to know not only the person’s own needs and the properties of foods, but also the correct way to prepare those foods, and to exercise skill in eating by not overeating and by choosing high quality foods. When a good attitude and sufficient exercise are combined with a balanced and disciplined diet, there are no limits to health. Nutritional guidance is cost-effective and holistic, with long-lasting benefits in the form of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. With nutritional guidance, you can acquire the tools to improve your daily health. Appropriate dietary therapy can also shorten recovery times from many health concerns. And all other therapies are certainly more effective when based on a solid dietary foundation.

“The piece of bread is an ambassador of the cosmos offering nourishment and support.

Looking deeply into the piece of bread, I see the sunshine, the clouds, the great earth. 

… that is why the piece of bread that I hold in my hands is a wonder of life.

It is there for all of us. We have to be there for it.”


Thich Nhat Hanh, 21 Century AD.

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