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"God, make us all instruments of your peace" 

"Laura and I worked together for a year in a program for women with disabilities at NYU Langone Hospital. The program supports people with complex issues that require a high level of Chinese medical skills and Western medical understanding. She is a giftedpractitioner who possesses the ability to establish rapport with each patient while tuning into her intuition and drawing on multilayered knowledge. She is fabulous!"

Dr. Dorene Hyman, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

New York, NY.

"I had the good fortune to consult Laura on a gynaecological problem that had been troubling me for years, and the only viable solution that allopathic medicine could offer me was surgery. Thanks to Laura’s wise treatment, the symptoms of my complaint gradually diminished, and with them, the cause of the illness itself. I still have acupuncture treatment and herbal infusions, and everything is progressing fine. I am extremely grateful to Laura for her care and her timely words, and to Chinese medicine, for the wonderful transformation experience they have given me."

                                   Maqui Pivotto, Educator and Lover of Life,


"I see cities and agglomerations of houses that grow uncontrollably, and I feel more and more absent as if I were a machine. Appointments to the doctor are swift, where a form is filled and the different components of that dysfunctional machine are check-marked. At the end of the appointment and quickly, because there are, I do not know how many more machines waiting their turn, the conclusion: - "2 pills every 8 hours for 3 days". Data, data, data and more data, until I came across Laura's work. I value her work for its unconventional treatment, where we can sit down to talk about what I feel in the environment that surrounds me, where I am more than a machine and I can express myself, where I exist and I am part of that path towards a healthy existence, conscious of an interior and exterior that together affect my health.

P.D. Should we keep old solutions for new problems?"

Andres R. Ochoa, Architect and urban designer, 


"My experience with Dr. Laura Botero in her oriental medicine practice has been one of excellent results, in all senses, due to her knowledge and professionalism and the way she treats her patients. Her facilities are harmonious, immaculate and in good taste, which adds wellbeing and tranquillity to the treatment. I recommend her as an excellent professional."


Marina Rodriguez, Psychologist, Pranic Healer, Genetic Healer.

Bogotá, Colombia

"Both my family and I have been patients of Laura, and as a result of her responsible work, to which she is fully committed, we have seen very significant changes in both our physical and our emotional health. I have also been able to see that Laura is a humble, honest and selfless woman who is devoted to helping people, something she always does with a view to ensuring that they are better."


Violeta Chavarro, Project Coordinator and Dancer 

Hannover, Germany

"Laura is a modern day shaman. She travels the bridge between the visible and invisible and with curiosity and joy helping to make obvious the wealth of medicine surrounding us all and often hiding in plain sight.  Being with Laura always inspires the courage to travel to the places in the heart not easily accessed alone. "

Anna Klein, Licensed Acupuncturist.

Naples, FL.

"Laura is a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner who has a great passion for helping others when she is asked to. I witnessed her commitment in the study of Chinese medicine as she trained several years under the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Yuen.  When I was treated by Laura, her needle technique was quite gentle yet I could feel a strong energy moving through my body which I never experienced before with any other acupuncturist. Whatever you are dealing with at this moment, I am confident that this extraordinary human being will take good care of you."

Tomoko Okasaki, Shiatsu practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Queens, NY.   

 "I see you as a gentle soul with an inquisitive mind. You definitely have the qualities of a healer — caring, commitment, and ability to assess the “entire” picture."  

Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, 

New York, NY.

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