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Sitting Meditation 

The secret of this meditation lies in simply sitting, without purpose or spirit of profit, in a posture that permits great concentration. This disinterested way of sitting is called Za Zen in the Japanese tradition. Za means to sit down and Zen, meditation, concentration. Za Zen is very effective for the health of the body and the spirit, leading them to their normal condition. Having a strong ego is not the same as having a selfish ego. This practice purifies the perception, so that each person can find his or her true essence.


Zen cannot be enclosed in a concept or understood by thought. It needs to be practiced. It is essentially an experience.

“We cannot find true peace if we are always fighting and if we are in continuous opposition. An intermediary theory is therefore necessary. This is the basic principle: not only thesis, antithesis, and synthesis; we must also harmonize the whole and embrace the contradictions.” 


Taisen Deshimaru, 20th Century.

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