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Workshops and Classes

Sobretierra offers the public workshops and classes that are tailor-made to suit each individual group. Duration will also depend, and can range from two hours, the shortest, to one intensive week, the longest.     



Oriental medicine classes and workshops 


Lifestyle and Theory. These workshops are aimed at the general public. The aim is to introduce participants to oriental philosophy. Key subjects will be presented, such as yin and yang theory, the five elements theory, and the twelve primary channels continuum theory. These workshops seek not only to teach the theory but also to help participants to develop tools that they can use to improve their lives.  


Fundamentals of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. These workshops are aimed at health professionals who want to get an idea of oriental wisdom and the options it proposes for improving general health or treating specific medical conditions. 


Conscious movement classes and workshops 



These workshops are aimed at all kinds of people, irrespective of age or physical condition. There are no prerequisites for taking part, only willingness. Workshops aimed at specific groups are also available, such as by age (for children, youths or the elderly), or for groups of people in special situations, such as victims of the armed conflict, individuals with cognitive disabilities, victims of intra-familiar violence, or students.  


 If you believe that the services we offer are of interest to you or to your community, please contact  us.   

Upcoming Events


"In the theory of relativity there is no unique absolute time; instead, each individual has his own personal measure of time that depends on where he is and how he is moving.”


Stephen Hawking. 21 Century AD

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